Polystyrene 3D Letters, Signs, Shapes and Logos are a cost effective and lightweight alternative to traditional built up lettering.

Cut from high quality display grade polystyrene, these unique letters can be made small or super large for wall mounting, hanging or freestanding and are perfect for exhibitions, shop window displays, photo shoots etc.

Various finishes of polystyrene letters or shapes are available including the natural white painted, glittered and they can be faced with vinyl, metal or acrylic sheet. Special effects can be created too, with stone, rusted metal and ice being a few of the most popular.

The polystyrene used for the signs has a flame retardant additive for fire safety purposes and they can also be sprayed with a fire retardant coating which has the added benefit of making the shapes and letters more rigid.

Please call our friendly sales team for assistance in choosing the best polystyrene 3D letters or shapes to suit your requirements.