PVC vinyl stickers are one of the most popular choices for our clients. This product is used everywhere from freezers to fashion.

Our standard vinyl stock is polypropylene and we can complete your stickers with matt lamination, gloss lamination and gloss varnish (UV coating) finishes. We have digital printing now which is a much a faster process than offset, so no job is too small.

If you only want 1 sticker printed then we can absolutely make that happen.

OWV Foil (One Way Vision)

OWV Foil (One Way Vision)  is used in spaces where you want to be able to see through the glass while being inside. Thanks to the perforation, sun rays penetrate the foil. The foil is attached from the outside, making its theme visible to outside viewers, but covering the interior. OWV foil is used in windows of stores and cars.

Advantages of the product:
    Self-adhesive window vinyl
    Perfect for outside use - weather proof
    Special material means you can see out but not in
    Makes glass more stable & secure
    Reduces heat and glare from the sun
    Printed in-house to ensure high quality results

Window Stickers

Window stickers are also known as reversed stickers, auto stickers and double-sided stickers. These great products are used frequently in the automotive industry, particularly as car service stickers.

They are perfect for advertising, and you can easily write on them too, allowing you to record important information on the back. There are plenty of shape and size options, the possibilities are endless, really you just have to ask

Glass Decor Sticker  / Frosted Window Film

Frosted Window Film, sometimes called window frosting is a stylish, decorative way to maintain privacy or brighten up your home. We have a range of unusual stylish designs to make your windows a design inspiration. Our easy design tools let you create window stickers, film and window lettering of all types

Made to measure patterned etched glass film that covers any size glass panel. Perfect for doors or windows.

Got a room that’s ready for a makeover? Our decorative window film provide a stress-free way to add style, elegance and privacy to any room. Simply peel and apply it to your windows or doors. Choose from contemporary designs that we’ve specially selected as well as borders and ideas for children’s rooms.

Want a design just for you? We can also create a design to your own specification – or perhaps you’d prefer to give our creative team an idea and leave it to them. . For a business, that might be based on your logo or brand image.