Presenting the right image within your office or reception or shop fascia area is incredibly important for all types of businesses, whether you’re a start-up or have been long established. A well produced office sign bearing your company logo or name turns your office sign into a stunning reflection of your company that all visitors will see the moment they walk through your door.

As well as external signs, internal office wall signs are just as effective when it comes to displaying corporate signage and there are many ways to incorporate your logo into your lobby or on an office wall, including: acrylic office logos,

3D LED LOGOS & SHAPES  of all styles can be created at CHEAP-ADVERTS LTD  with illumination provided by a well-stocked and varied LED module range. Halo illuminated letters, face illuminated letters and side or return illuminated letters are created every day at CHEAP-ADVERTS LTD, but we provide a number of more unusual options too.